Their HISA is known as “Oaken Savings Account” and currently offers a rate of 1.25%. In the Add a Transfer Section. Oaken Financial offers two types of accounts, the savings account and GICs. Oaken Financial Savings Account is a high interest savings account that have the following features: No fees; No minimum balance requirements. Of course, there’s no monthly fees and no minimum balance – you’ll even get free unlimited transactions (though they … Yet 'Another' Rate Reduction Notice: September 2, 2020 10:18 am by Dean. At the time of this writing, the interest rate is a very competitive 2.3%, the same rate being offered by EQ bank. Oaken Financial Savings Account . October 17, 2020 1:09 pm by heinzheinz57. The Oaken Financial Oaken Savings Account is pretty basic, but it’s still one of the best high-interest savings accounts in Canada since it offers 1.25% interest which is still higher than a basic savings account at any of the major banks in Canada. The best thing about Oaken Financial Savings Account is it that doesn’t involve fine print terms and conditions as far as interest rates are concerned. Interest Rate: 1.50% . GIC Calculator; Savings. 8. From the From Account: drop-down list, click on the “big bank” from which you wish to make the transfer. Click on the Transfer tab. Get the best savings account. Oaken Financial Savings Account. In addition to savings accounts, you can also get an Oaken Financial GIC, which pays one of the highest interest rates in Canada. 6: Oaken Financial. Log in to your Oaken Financial online banking account. 9 Oaken Financial Savings Account (1.25%) Oaken Financial is Home Trust’s direct banking arm. Click on the New Transfer button. Aside from savings accounts, you can also get the Oaken Financial GIC, and earn one of the highest interest rates in the country. The Oaken Savings Account can be used for both personal and commercial needs. Oaken Financial was launched in 2013 by Home Trust as a refreshing alternative for customers who enjoy the long-established tradition of service and value with a fresh perspective on what they really need to make the most of their money.

Oaken Financial is a Canadian online bank that offers high-interest savings account and Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs). Oaken Blog; Saversodes; Oaken Update; Awards and recognition; Subscribe for email updates; About us. There is also no account minimum. Oaken offers a comprehensive suite of GICs and the Oaken Savings Account. Oaken Savings Account rate change to 1.25% from 1.40% on Oct 9, 2020: October 8, 2020 8:47 am by hwyc. Oaken’s GIC terms range from 30 days to 5 years, and are available in the form of a Retirement Savings Plan (RSP), Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) and Retirement Income Fund … Tax-Free Savings Account; Retirement Savings Plan; Retirement Income Fund; GIC calculator. They also offer TFSA and RRSP savings account at higher interest rates. Oaken Savings Account. September 28, 2020 2:18 pm by hwyc. There are no monthly fees and no minimum balance required to have this account. Who we are; Why Oaken Financial? The Oaken Financial Savings Account offers an interest rate the banks can’t match, with unlimited transactions and no monthly fee. Oaken Savings Account; Blog & news. Oaken Financial. Compare other Oaken Financial products. How to Move Money Into an Oaken Financial Savings Account Online. Let’s break down these services. Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) GICs – An Oaken TFSA GIC* is non-redeemable, comes in 1-year, 18-month, 2-year, 3-year, 4-year and 5-year … Oaken Financial primarily offers two services: Guaranteed Investment Certificates and Savings Accounts. Oaken Savings Accounts are eligible for CDIC coverage, up to all applicable limits Last on our list is Oaken Savings Account, which will also get you a 1.25% interest rate on your savings. The Oaken savings account has no monthly fees and no minimum balance.

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